In just a few words Peruvian Pima Cotton is:

The finest cotton in the world, famous for its incomparable sheen, exceptional softness and incredible strength. Because of these extraordinary qualities all our products are made of 100% pure Peruvian Pima Cotton.

We would love to share with you a little bit more, so If you would like to learn more keep reading:

First thing you should know about cotton is that quality is correlated with fiber length (or staple). There are many varieties of cotton and some are made of short, long and extra-long staples. 

So, for example, while conventional cotton like Upland Cotton has an average length of 26-27 mm, ELS fibers (Pima Cotton) are much longer, the minimum standard is 34.925 mm and they can exceed 40 mm.

For this reason, Pima Cotton is highly valued and considered as a high-quality cotton and luxury product. The extra-long fibers give it superior strength, durability and softness in comparison to conventional cotton.

In addition, Pima Cotton is a rare fabric, representing only 3% of all the world’s cotton production. The specific growing conditions result in a limited number of geographic locations suitable for production.  Peru happens to be the best.

Pima cotton from Peru has unique characteristics due to the ecosystem where it is harvested. The low percentage of humidity that exists in the north of Peru give the fabrics a natural brilliance and distinctive softness to touch. In Peru, 100% pure Pima Cotton is called a “Velvety Pima Cotton”.