The brand idea started in my first year living in Los Angeles, after a beautiful Barcelona love story between an American and a Peruvian.

In my first months living in LA, I was looking for a gift for the first girl in my husband’s family after 85 years! I was new in town so I started my search.

I was looking for something cute and special.  While learning about American brands I took my first decision - the garment must be made of organic cotton and free of toxic pesticides or fertilizers that are harmful to the environment, farmers and of course the sensitive and delicate skin of a newborn.

As a Peruvian, Pima Cotton is one of the products that we offer to the world that makes us feel proud of our heritage. Pima Cotton it is known as a premium and luxury cotton because of the quality of the cotton strands. They are extra-long staple fibers that make the cloth more refined and silkier. So that was my second decision - I wanted like to buy a garment of Organic Pima Cotton.

I began my search but struggled to find options that had both the right material and met my style preference. I was dreaming of finding baby clothing with a modern vibe that also featured more traditional elements such as handmade embroidery. 

And that is how Baby Bloom Organics was born. Looking for the best quality for our babies, sustainability for our farmers and environment, and support to the traditions and women hand embroidery.

baby bloom organics