The nature that surrounds me in my new home was a big inspiration for me for the creation of the first Baby Bloom Organics’s collection. The different types and colors of the flowers, the variety of trees, the unique combination of colors of houses, the daily day and beachy lifestyle in this beautiful city, California, captivated me. In particular Venice Beach and Malibu.

I was born in Lima-Perú, where I lived almost all my life and I lived a couple of years in Barcelona-Spain. Each city has its own enchanted beauty but I had never seen so much vegetation and colors in my life. I was totally impressed and in love. I just think that being surrounded by flowers and vegetation makes you feel happier and more relaxed.

In my journey designing the collection, I discovered the different meanings that flowers and colors have had. I just thought that was perfect for the collection. Things stop being just things and become meaningful. 

This is how little by little the collection became real. Click here to see it.